Buyer’s Guide

A 5-step overview for buyers

Buying a home can be a bit stressful, but I’ll do our best to turn it into a fun experience! Take a look at my Buyer’s Guide below to understand the steps involved in buying a home. The process isn’t always simple, and if difficult situations arise, it can really pay to have a FinerChoice professional on your side.


1. Prepare

The first step in buying a home is to call me. I can provide you with the information you need to get pre-qualified by a financial institution. I recommend using a mortgage broker or your current bank. While you may be able to pull up some listings online to compare and contrast prices, I have the experience and expertise to appraise a home quickly and accurately, and help you figure out whether to buy or sell first.


2. Planning

Determine what your new home should have in order to fit your lifestyle. Some of the things I recommend considering include preferred locations, style of home, number of bedrooms, kids and their activities, hobbies, price range, proximity to schools, shopping and work.


3. Viewing

I will listen carefully to what you want in your new home and your likes and dislikes in order to help you narrow down houses on the market to find the right home for you!


4. Offer

I will know how much your new house is worth on the market and will help you make a strategic offer. As an experienced Realtor, I am able to remove themselves from the emotional aspects of negotiating the price of your new home and keep your information confidential from competing interests.

Along with reviewing a title search and a disclosure statement, at this stage, you will need to find a home inspector to officially assess the condition of the home. Your lender may also send an appraiser through  as part of the mortgage approval process.


5. Move In

With the help of a lawyer/notary I will help to ensure you have all of your legal paperwork in order so that you can move into your new home with confidence. Now all that’s left is to start packing!